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Nickerson St. Painting is a reputable painting company servicing the greater Seattle area and the Eastside. Started by Ryan Donaghy, who holds a BS degree in Geology from Western Washington University and also posesses seven-plus years of professional painting experience. He has painted hundreds of houses and condo buildings and is exceedingly knowledgeable about anything to do with the craft. During college, he painted for two painting companies. The first was a large scale "college painters" company where he received no training and learned what not to do while painting a house. After one year of work for that company, he was hired by Watson Painting and Tile LLC where he was extensively trained. This was where he perfected his craft and learned to paint quickly and correctly. 

Watson Painting and Tile, LLC was started by Riley Watson thirty years ago. They have been the standard for painting excellence on the Eastside from the time they began. Riley has taught Ryan everything he knows about painting over the last six years. He has become Ryan's mentor and has been a great help in the formation of Nickerson St. Painting

In the thirty years that Riley has had his business, he has never advertised. He has relied on referrals from hundreds of happy customers and interested neighbors who see how meticulous and reliable he is on every job. Riley's main objective, whether he realized it or not, has always been to create a lasting relationship with every customer. Nickerson St. Painting is built on similar principles. The goal for the company is to mostly run off of referrals as Riley's did. In order to do that we will work very hard to please our most valued asset...you, the customer. 

Ryan is determined to see Nickerson St. Painting succeed. He will work hard to make sure his clients are satisfied and he greatly appreciates their future referrals and support. 

Ryan Donaghy was born in Seattle, Washington and he now resides in Queen Anne with his beautiful wife and his dog, Ollie. He is still very interested in anything to do with geology and is an avid sports fan. He loves the Mariners and Huskies and is a season-ticket holder to the Seahawks. 

Nickerson St. Painting is licensed by the Washington State Secretary of State. 


Nickerson St. Painting
(206) 228-5718
3430 35th Ave West
Seattle, WA 98199

License #60296574711

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